P RAGUE 2012
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Mary Drouillard M.S.W. at mdrouillard@oaklandchristian.com

phone 248.373.2700 ext. 335

Joe Cilluffo Ph.D. at jcilluffo@oaklandchristian.com

phone 248.373.2700 ext. 384


Eleven and a half inches  by fifteen inches

Sixty-eight pages of full-color-memory jogging images - breath-taking

Hard-bound, flat binding

Archival heavy-weight paper - protective coating

Make checks payable to J. Cilluffo

Mail orders to:


8397 Starville Rd.

Clay, MI 48001

Please include your, Full name,  Shipping Address, Email Address and Phone numbers.

Cost: To be announced soon.  We are currently negotiating production costs.