We inspire students by traveling to new places where they experience different cultures and see the world’s people with new eyes.  

We come alongside travel groups and provide three essentials:

  PROVIDING 3 ESSENTIALS                                                        

We use our twenty-five years of group travel experience to supply chaperones     with educational resources useful in preparing students for your trip. 

2.EXPERIENCED CHAPERONES                                        

We will help students have meaningful discoveries during the trip by debriefing with them and helping them share their personal observations.  We come highly recommended by students and parents who have been on our trips, and actively chaperone students to see that they get the most out of their time abroad.


      Dr. Joe Cilluffo                   Mrs. Mary Drouillard     
         Student Perspective of Dr. C. by Shelby Reynolds - 2010 Grad

3.EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO PRODUCTS                                                


Professionally designed photo albums and videos capture much more than the sights and sounds of the itinerary.  Our video and photo publications encapsulate and preserve our unique international travel experiences.  These images and sounds reinforce and broaden your understanding of our life-experiences and build our appreciation of all peoples.  Unexpected rendezvous with interesting folks around the world help us understand ourselves and our role in society.  

Words alone fall short when sharing our journey; a single picture is worth a thousand words.  Better yet, a video heightens recall with the sounds and actions of our experiences.  Bound photo books and videos powerfully communicate the value of our trip.  These engaging products generate future travel as well.


   OCS and Teachall Inc. collaboration

Beijing, China 2013

  Worldstrides Educational Travel Conference

Prague 2014

 Paris & Madrid 2012


 China 2011


 Europe 2010


 Mexico 2007    

 China 2009

 Costa Rica 2006 

 Other School-Event Video Gallery


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phone 248.373.2700 ext. 335

Joe Cilluffo Ph.D. at jcilluffo@oaklandchristian.com 
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Teachers And A Camera
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