April, 2017




$3,500 is the estimated cost based on the last eight trips to Beijing.  The final cost may vary due to the value of the USD, the growing economy of China, fuel costs, entry visa fee, late fees, travel insurance and your personal spending budget.  

Each payment is due before the end of the listed school days.

   08/15/2016    $400
   09/14/2016    $620
   10/15/2016    $620
   11/15/2016    $620
   12/16/2016    $620
   01/16/2017    $620

    Total	            $3,500

Cost includes travel insurance and visa stamp. 

Please make checks payable to Oakland Christian School and write “China Trip” and your student’s name on the memo line. 

None of the above fees are refundable as we incur pre-trip expenses to reserve hotels and tour reservations.  
Thank you for understanding.   

Late fees will be directed toward the new fundraising initiative.     A $50 late fee will be collected for each late payment.  All payments are due by the end of the school day (3:00 p.m.).  The good news is that the late fees will be used to support orphanage ministries.  Thank you in advance for your timely payments, and perhaps your generous late fees.
No portion of any fees for this trip can be considered tax-deductible.  The law is explicit on this, and we will be above reproach.  Thank you for understanding.

   Approximately $20 per day for lunch and other essentials 
   A passport - Passports must be valid at least 6 months 
      from USA departure date.  Detroit office 877.487.2778 
   Airport exit fee TBA

Cultural Destinations 

These excursions provide a synoptic history of China and help us understand the current culture of China in our global community.
    Bei Hai Park (9 Dragon Wall)        
    Beijing Opera            
    Chinese Acrobats                        
    Great Hall of the people            
    Hutong Tour, Wungfujing            
    Ming Tombs    
    Summer Palace            
    Temple of Heaven                
    Tiananmen Square             
    The Great Wall         
    Fungchimen Market, Silk Alley        
    Gong Wong Fu Gardens / Shicha Hai Park        
    Zhong Hua Min Zu Yuan Ethnic Gardens                     
    Forbidden City             
    Chinese Opera     
    Capital Museum



Airfare usually includes a few nights stay at a 4 or 5 star hotel, which is wonderfully situated within walking distance to many historic points of interest.

The remaining nights will be spent at the King’s Joy Hotel near Tiananmen Square and possibly the Simiti Youth Hostel at The Great Wall.  

2017 SAMPLE ITINERARY                       

Your vertical considerations to Dad for his kids and their adventures are greatly appreciated.  It’s very important for Grace to join our group as we encounter c’s and non-c’s for the highest level of education.

Day 1 
Arrive Beijing International Airport

Teachall Bus to meet and take tour Group to Penta Hotel 

Breakfast at Penta Hotel

Welcome Introductions and Briefing in Hotel

Exchange USD for RMB (Teachall to bring some RMB to hasten process)

Subway to Tiananmen East

Enter Forbidden City through south gate

Noodle Lunch in Beihai Park

Houhai Hutong & Drum Tower Tour

Afternoon Tea in Houhai

Subway (line 6) or bus (111电) back to Penta Hotel

Dinner at a Chinese restaurant

Day 2
Breakfast at Penta Hotel

Subway to BICF C

Subway to Tiananmen East

Walk through Tiananmen to Qianmen

Lunch at a Chinese restaurant near Qianmen shops

Bus (120,特11, 71, 17) to Temple of Heaven West gate

Walk through Temple of Heaven and exit via East gate

Pearl Market

Subway back to Penta Hotel

Welcoming Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant near Penta Hotel

Day 3
Breakfast at Penta Hotel

Subway to Haidianhuangzhuang

Visit Teachall, cultural exchange with Teachall day time students

Lunch with Teachall day time students

Subway to Purple Bamboo Park

Walk through Purple Bamboo Park

104 Bus to Xizhimen Visit PRI

Subway to Wudaokou

Dumpling Making and possibly Calligraphy (at Wudaokou Hotel)

MOTIF English Corner (Green Tree Hotel)

Subway back to Penta Hotel

Day 4
Breakfast at Penta Hotel

Check out of Penta Hotel 

Drop off luggage at King's Joy Hotel.

Bus to New Day Campus

Tour/Serve at New Day

Lunch at New Day cafeteria

Tour/Serve at New Day

Bus to Agape House/Bread of Life

Visit Agape House/Bread of Life & Dinner

Bus back to King's Joy Hotel

Day 5
Bus to Hope Orphanage (can eat breakfast on the bus)

Talk by Hope Director  & play with orphans

Lunch at Hope Orphanage cafeteria

Bus to Olympic Village or 798

Tour Olympic Village area or visit Starfish at 798

Visit ZDL

Walk to Rainbow Café restaurant

Dinner at Rainbow Café restaurant

Bus back to King's Joy Hotel

Day 6
Bus to Great Wall Mutianyu (can eat breakfast on the bus)

Hike the Great Wall - Holiday

Box lunch on the Great Wall

Bus to Wangfujing area

Explore Wangfujing

Eat at Wangfujing Night Market

Subway to Tiantan East Gate subway station

Walk to Red Theatre to watch Legend of Kungfu

Subway back to King's Joy Hotel

Day 7

Breakfast near King's Joy Hotel

Subway to Summer Palace Holiday

Tour Summer Palace

Lunch and ice cream near Summer Palace

Subway to Yuanmingyuan

Tour Yuanmingyuan and emperor photos

Pizza Dinner at Tube Station Pizza

Renmin University English Corner (if available) or watch movie at Teachall

Subway back to King's Joy Hotel

Day 8
Breakfast near King's Joy Hotel

Subway/Bus to 798 Art District

Explore 798 Art District

Lunch at a restaurant near 798

Bus to Sanlitun or visit Starfish in 798

Shop at Yashow and Sanlitun Village or visit Included Community Center

Subway back to King's Joy Hotel

Dinner at a restaurant near King's Joy Hotel

April 9
Breakfast near King's Joy Hotel

Subway to Zhongguancun

Meet Eric at Zhongguancun subway station and walk to Haidian Church

Attend Haidian English Service 

Lunch with friends in Zhongguancun

Subway to National Museum or Silk Street Market

Tour National Museum or Shop at Silk Street

Subway back to King's Joy Hotel

Dinner at a restaurant near King's Joy Hotel

Day 10

Depart in Teachall Bus for Airport

Arrive at Beijing International Airport

Flight Departs 

 Consult your family doctor for advice, along with the
      information supplied by the Oakland County Health 
 I have personally received the minimal vaccinations required, 
     which are the same inoculations mandated by our government
     for all children attending public and private schools.  
 Secondly, while in China we purposely stay away from rural
     areas and from eating anything questionable such as bugs,
     dogs and the likes.  However, the donkey is delicious!
 Check out these websites for detailed travel and health 
     information to help you make an informed decision. 


Visit your local Post Office to acquire your Passport Application form or visit the following websites:  
The cost is about $124, and it takes about 4-6 weeks to process.


Dr. Cilluffo will take the photos required for the travel visa application.  The China travel visa is an official government stamp that is placed in your passport by the Chinese consulate in Chicago.    The stamp signifies that we have permission to travel in China.  Our travel agent handles this process for us.  The fee is $200 and is due February 4, 2013 . 


Complete these forms and have them notarized.  Mrs. Morgan is a Notary Public and will seal your documents with her official stamp and signature.  Please be kind by calling ahead to schedule a convenient time.  Please bless yourself by attending to this responsibility ASAP and get this off your to-do list. 


Students are encouraged to earn a significant portion of the funds needed for their trip.  Students have also written powerful letters to gain supportive partners.  Directing potential donors to this website and to provides a more thorough understanding of the nature of our trip.  The videos communicate that which words alone cannot. 

luggage & packing

 Click on the suitcase great tips

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